PREMIUM Allround poultry slat

PREMIUMFLOOR has extended their range of products by a universal poultry slat
for ducks, geese, doves and hens. The new plastic panel is 600 mm wide and
800 mm long. It distinguishes itself by a slip-proof and clean surface, ultimate
stability and a very good support of the animals' feet. Panels can be removed
individually. Cuttable every 10 cm for waste-free installation. High load capacity
and long useful life.

 > Panel weight 3.2 kg
 > Openings in the panel 65 mm x 10 mm
 > Slit share of 40%
 > Panel dimensions: 600 mm wide x 800 mm long
 > Panels can be easily installed on any 5 mm thick support beams and is accessible
 > High-quality polypropylene copolymer
 > Made in Germany