PREMIUMFLOOR GmbH is a dynamic, performance-oriented family business. Together with our partner firms, we stand for first-class technological performance and constant economic growth. With our plastic panel systems and accessories, we strive for worldwide leadership in the sector of flooring systems for agriculture. Apart from that, these products are also suitable for industrial use, for horticulture and for the sector of camping/leisure time...

Our Products

PREMIUMFLOOR panel series
PREMIUMFLOOR panel series for nursery

Our PREMIUMFLOOR nursery panel series satisfies all requirements of modern nursery pens. Since January 2012 it is complemented by the new PREMIUMFLOOR solid piglet panel with 12% drainage.

PREMIUMFLOOR panel series for farrowing

PREMIUMFLOOR sow panels provide stability for animals: they can lie down comfortably. Therefore, our sow panels deliver high level of safety for mother and young animals.

PREMIUMFLOOR panel series for fattening

PREMIUMFLOOR fattening panels are ideal to use from piglet breeding to fattening (wean-to-finish). Additionally, it is also suitable for calf boxes, milking parlours as well as for sheep and goat breeding.


PREMIUM-THERME - with a width of 500 mm and a length of 600 mm - is a warm-water heating for piglet nests. It has all the positive characteristics of a modern warm-water panel [...]


PREMIUM GRIP – the braking aid in the farrowing pen: the new non-slip plastic panel for heavy and suckling sows. The panel tested by DLG (German Agricultural Society) with a soft and elastic surface [...]

PREMIUM support beam

The PREMIUMFLOOR support beam with T-profile has a locking profile which prevents the panels from getting out of place. It is made of fibreglass [...]

PREMIUM accessories

PREMIUMFLOOR has designed a new manure flap made of plastic which may be integrated into all plastic flooring systems common in trade. This accessory is the perfect solution [...]

PREMIUM Duck slat

PREMIUMFLOOR has extended their range of products by a universal duck slat for breeding and fattening [...]

PREMIUM Allround poultry slat

PREMIUMFLOOR has extended their range of products by a universal poultry slat for ducks, geese, doves and hens. [...]

PREMIUM Cast Iron Step panels

PREMIUMFLOOR has extended their range of products by a cast iron panel system for heavy and nursing sows. [...]

PREMIUM Electric polymer concrete heating panels

PREMIUMFLOOR have extended their range of products by self-supporting electric polymer concrete heating panels for flat decks and farrowing pens. [...]

PREMIUM individualism

PREMIUMFLOOR panels are a good way to communicate your corporate personality [...]

PREMIUMFLOOR antibacterial

PREMIUMFLOOR optionally offers a plastic material with antibacterial properties for their range of products. By incorporating additives with ...


PREMIUMFLOOR have extended their range of products by a universal panel for rabbit breeding and fattening...