PREMIUM GRIP – the braking aid in the farrowing pen: the new non-slip plastic panel for heavy and suckling sows. The panel tested by DLG (German Agricultural Society) with a soft and elastic surface provides a high level of safety for the animals when moving around or standing and, as a consequence, reduces the number of piglets crushed to death. In addition, the cover offers a high lying comfort for sows and helps to prevent injuries of the teats. The material, which is slip-proof and resistant to abrasion and acids, achieved the highest classification in the DLG Fokus Test 5949F.

   PREMIUM GRIP is available in the dimensions of
> 400 mm (width) x 100 mm (length),
> 500 mm (width) x 100 mm (length) and
> 600 mm (width) x 200 mm (length)
for straight and oblique facility arrangements. This system is ideal for the combination with open plastic panels and offers maximum hygiene and cleanliness.